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  Use for indoor perimeter control. Keep pets out of certain rooms, or out of off limit areas. Proven to work VERY well for cats!
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  Fully automatic, using heat and motion sensors. Keep wild or domestic animals away from people or property.
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Calming Pet Spray

What will happen to your animals..
if something happens to you?

Stop nuisance barking!
Uses high-pitched audible sound.

Veterinary Tested and Approved.
Tested and approved by animal control specialists, animal behaviorists, veterinarians, and pet owners.

Easy to use!

Humane & Effective
Unlike ultrasonics or shock collars, which are ineffective, the Barker Breaker obtains immediate results, safely.

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  Note: These devices are NOT silent. They work on MOST dogs but not all dogs.

The devices people report that work the best are the manual ones. The most effective technique is when the dog barks you follow a short blast from the Barker Breaker with a reprimand.

If your dog(s) are home while you are away, the automatic devices are the best bet. The Sure Stop Barker Breaker has the ability to train a dog to not bark so much. It can be set to respond after a certain number of barks. It you want your dog to bark, but not incessantly, this is probably the device for you.

If you want to keep your pets out of certain rooms or off furniture, click on the links to see the Scraminal and the Critter Gitter. They both work well for that.

  If you are a runner, or walker, the Mini Barker Breaker is great for stopping dogs that run out after you. This device is used by Postal Delivery personnel to stop dogs. This is more effective than dog sprays because it works at a distance. The sprays are effective only on a non-windy day and at close range.

The Super Barker Breaker is reported to stop an attacking dog in its tracks. It has a sensitivity adjustment that helps prevent triggering from noises other than barking and a manual mode.

The devices are warranted to be free from defects for one year. If you purchased from us, you may return a defective device for a replacement any time within the warranty period. Sorry, we do not offer warranty replacements if you did not purchase from us. We do not accept returns for non-warranty reasons unless the product is unopened. There is a 10% restocking fee for this. We do not refund shipping costs.

We use the US Post Office for shipping. Normal delivery is 2-3 days anywhere in the US or territories.

International shipping takes from 5-10 days and is subject to customs duties and taxes. Some countries require the payment before any attempt to deliver will be made. Shipments to Canada usually take 5 days.

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Our Price $35.95
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- Hand Held
- Owner Operated
- All Purpose Trainer
All AMTEK products are 100% tested to insure that you get the finiest products availble. All AMTEK products are completely Safe and Humane.
Hand held all purpose trainer. Push red button and follow with firm voice command - repeat consistently until behavior is stopped. The Barker Breaker
® emits a high-pitched audible sound.
(Suggested Retail: $69.95)
Our Price $45.95
Out of Stock

- Automatic
- Operates whenever dog barks
- Operating range up to 25 ft.
- Operates on a 9volt battery(included)
- No special tools or skill required
About the Barker Breaker ®

The Sure Stop Barker Breaker
® uses simple reinforcement training methods to curb bad habits. Built-in microchip operates automatically whenever dog barks. Train your dog to stop barking, even when you're away. Microphone picks detects dog's bark, and sets off high pitched sound. Piercing sound startles dog - and eliminates nuisance barking habit. Automatically resets itself for next bark.

Specially tuned microphone only activates from a dog's bark - not other chance sounds. Operating range up to 25 feet. (Must be protected from rain and moisture).

The Super Barker Breaker can be used manually or by automatic operation.

Manual Operation:
To insure the effectiveness, introduce the SBB to your dog by commanding it to stop barking and then pressing the red button for an appropriate time. After a few tries the dog will obey the automatic signal and the SBB can then be left with the dog. Results will vary according to each dog's obedience level and the owner's perseverance.

Automatic Operation:

To operate the unit automatically while you're away, turn the black knob clockwise until the unit clocks "ON" Ypu may hear a short loud sound until the unit stabilizes. If the dog is outside or a far distance away from the unit, turn the black knob clockwise to increase sensitivity. If the unit sounds off with noises other than a dog's barking the setting is too sensitive and must be adjusted by turning the black knob counter clockwise.

Mount or place the unit above the height of your dog on a stable surface near your pet (such as a table, fence or tree). Make sure the white horn faces the dog's bark.

The SBB is weather resistant, but not weather proof. When operating outside, place the unit under a protective area such as eaves, awnings, or other overhang, shielding it from rain and moisture.

Warranty: One year repair/replacement against manufacturing defects from time of purchase. Does not apply to products misused or damaged by customer, pets or animals.

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